For implementing the national security strategy and accelerating the talent training in cyber security, the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council together with the Ministry of Education determined to set up the “Cyber Security” as a new first-level disciplinein June 2015. Sichuan University is one of the universitiesthat firstauthorized to offer doctorate degree in cyber security discipline, and is also one of the first training and demonstration bases for cyberspace security talents approved by Office of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs.

The cyber security involves various aspects, such as computers, communications, networks, sociologies,and so on. Its knowledge areasinclude cryptography and security technology, computer system security, network and communication security, software security, security of information systems about its theory, technology, management, tools and methods, as well as some fields like international relations in cyberspace, privacy protection, laws and regulations,and so on. Cyber security is quite a hot research topic whether in China or abroad nowadays, and along with the popularity of network and informatization of society, cybersecurity technologies have gotten unprecedented attention and application from all aspects of the state and society.

In order to establish the teacher teamofinterdisciplinary research and talent trainingfor cyber security, we utilize the dominant resources of other related disciplines to achieve the intersection between disciplines such as computer science, software engineering, communication engineering, mathematics, journalism and management engineering. The strong background of the engineering application is the basisof this discipline, the previous researches on communication security, network security protection architecture, network information countermeasure, cloud computing security architecture, new media content recognition and propagation regulation and biometric identification have laid a solid foundation for the development of this discipline. Our research team hasmade outstanding achievement in fundamental theory research, technology application and industrialization. The members of our team undertook hundreds of state-level projects, such as the National Key Research and Development Plan, National Programs for Science and Technology Development, ‘973’ project, ‘863’ project and National Natural Science Foundation, etc., accumulated research funding over 100 million yuan. We have published more than 500 academic papers in important journals and academic conferences at home and abroad,such as Proceedings of the IEEE Society, SCIENCE CHINA,Chinese Science Bulletin, etc., compiled 8 national standards, published more than 20 network security monographs and teachingtextbooks, applied for and authorized more than 100 patents. We have won the second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award two times, and provincial-level honors more than 10 times, parts of the achievements have been listed in The Key National Scientific and Technological Achievements Promotion Plan, the National Key Torch Plan, Major Equipment Plan of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, etc., and many achievements are extensively applied and popularized which gains outstanding economicand social benefits.

Byactivelyparticipating in international communication, working closely with the companies and universities from Israel, America, and Germany, we have built the talent training mode and scientific researchmethodwhicharesynchronous with international level. We have developed dominant and characteristic achievements by widely cooperating with industryanddiscipline construction tracking industry development,and gotthe key technology breakthrough, which provides technical support and a large number of talents for national cyber security.

This discipline will focus on the national strategic demands, through developing a first-level frontier technology research center, a high level achievement transformation platform, a high level international cooperation and exchanging platform,andtry to make a special zone for teaching team building and talent training based on theSichuan Universityinterdisciplinary and regional advantages. We will try to develop a first-level cyber security discipline,andbecome a highland for security talent training, high level scientific research, achievement transformation and industrial development,thus providingstrong and firm supports for building network powerful country, maintainingnational network security and promotingthe development of relevant industries.

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